Thursday, September 6, 2012

My excellent victory against Chess Titans computer program

Me - white; Chess Titans - black.
1. e2-e4 c7-c5 2. Ng1-f3 Nb8-c6 3. d2-d3 e7-e6 4. Bf1-e2 d7-d5 White treatises opening perfectly. 5. 0-0 d5:e4 6. d3:e4 Bf8-d6 7. Rf1-e1 Ng8-f6 8. Be2-d3 e6-e5 9. Nb1-c3 0-0 10. b2-b3 Bc8-e6 11. Bc1-b2 b7-b6 12. h2-h3 Nc6-d4
Position after blacks´ 12. move. Too risky business with the knight, not good for black´s health.
13. Re1-e3 a7-a6 14. Nc3-d5 Be6:d5 15. e4:d5 Nf6:d5 16. Re3-e1 Nd4:f3+ 17. Qd1:f3 Nd5-f6 18. Bb2:e5 Bd6:e5 White´s genial attack begins. 19. Re1:e5 Qd8-d4 20. Ra1-e1 h7-h5
Position after blacks´ 20. move. Due to his dangerous operation in king´s side black has lost his advance on the main strategic lines. But not everything is lost yet!
21. g2-g4 h5:g4 White courageously steps into the turmoil of events, but every move has thoroughly calculated. 22. h3:g4 Qd4:g4+ 23. Qf3:g4 Nf6:g4 24. Re5-e7 Ng4-f6 25. Re7-b7 b6-b5 26. Re1-e5 Ra8-c8 27. c2-c4 Rf8-d8 28. Bd3-f5 Rc8-a8 29. Re5:c5 Rd8-d1+ 30. Kg1-g2 b5:c4 31. Rc5:c4 Ra8-e8
Position after black´s 31. move. After the exchange of queens was evident that black cannot defend all his pawns in the queen´s side. Now he hopes for checkmate attack with two rookers, but it will never happen against such experienced player like white is.
32. Rc4-b4 Rd1-d5 Yes, at the same time black attacker should rather keep himself out from the reach of serious threats.
33. Bf5-b1 a6-a5 34. Rb4-b6 Nf6-d7 35. Rb6-a6 Nd7-f6 36. a2-a4 Rd5-c5 37. b3-b4 a5:b4 38. Rb7:b4 Rc5-g5+ 39. Kg2-f3 Nf6-d5 40. Rb4-h4 f7-f6 41. Ra6- a7 g7-g6 42. a4-a5 f6-f5 43. Rh4-h7 Rg5-g4 44. Bb1-a2 Rg5-f5+ 45. Kf3-g2, black resigns.
In this position, after the opponent´s 45. move, black resigns. There is no hope for eternal fire because of incapacitated black knight on d5. But do you believe in eternal fire, which burns forever? Oh yes, lets go on. Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis, voca me cum benedictus. Oro supplex et acclinis, cor contritum quasi cinis, gere curam mei finis.

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